Why Use Polaris?

There are over 12,000 active manager's licenses in Florida. This is a base-line credential that allows a person to practice the trade.  Most managers stop here.


sarasota property managementOnly 425 have obtained the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation. This is a national certification that shows that managers who receive this credential know the basics of community association management and have desire to embrace the field and improve their value to their communities. There are only 15 of these managers in the greater Sarasota area.


Only 184 managers have obtained the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation.  The AMS is a nationally recognized designation earned by managers who have demonstrated two years of professional management experience and have completed the required coursework to earn this credential. There are only 9 of these managers in the greater Sarasota area.


There are 92 Professional Community Association Managers (PCAM) in Florida.

bradenton propert management polarisThe PCAM designation is the pinnacle of professional achievement for managers with advanced level skills. There are only approximately 1500 in the nation.

The PCAM has completed advanced level courses, met prerequisite qualifications and must comply with Professional Code of Ethics and must complete additional advanced level courses and service requirements every three years. There are only 4 such managers in the greater Sarasota area.  I am one of those four.


When considering a new manager, ask what he has done beyond basic licensure to advance their career.





The burn out rate for managers is about three years.

This means a high turnover rate for management companies.  Although this may be inevitable, it upsets the stability and balance in dealing with your association's affairs. It also fails to retain enough managers who have the experience to provide the guidance that Boards need when dealing with complex issues that may arise.  As owner of Polaris,  I have been in the
business for more than fifteen years.


When you are considering a new manager, ask how long the manager has been licensed.




Can you reach your manager? Does he return your phone calls in a timely manner?  Do you ever see your manager on site? Does he get time-critical mailings out before deadline?  If you have answered NO, more than likely it is because of excessive workload, or worse — incompetence.  It is not unusual for managers to carry 12, 18, 20 or even 32 associations in their portfolio. Is it any wonder why you can't get in touch with your manager?


My policy is to take on no more than I can comfortably handle, to charge a fair price, and to deliver outstanding customer service.  Polaris, the North Star, has been providing guidance to mariners for centuries.  Let Polaris Property Management provide guidance to your association.